TraTo: Why

“Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.”  – Victor Hugo

Because too many cars cause problems

Simply, there are way too many cars on our roads. So many, in fact, that they’re causing real problems for us, and the environment we live in. If we had never seen modern human life, and specifically cars, and a person explained what cars are and why we have traffic and pollution, we would think it’s completely ludicrous that we continue to travel like this.

Having so many cars on our roads is bad because it causes traffic, which exhausts and angers people who contend with it each day, to the point where some people would consider moving closer to their workplace to spend less time in traffic! Driving one’s car each day, twice a day, can become a significant cost to anyone’s limited budget; from petrol costs, insurance, maintenance, and so on.

Having many employees who travel by car requires businesses to provide costly parking. For those businesses that provide company cars or petrol, employee driving is expensive! Many cars on the road also cost our city municipalities: through road maintenance, law enforcement, and general problem-solving costs.

Lastly, and arguably most importantly, cars are bad for our environment; because of the carbon they burn as fuel. Whatever fuel cars run on, they produce gasses that pollute our air and add to global warming, which will affect our climate many years from now. This kind of delayed reaction to our use of cars will impact future generations and the natural environment really terribly.

Because I can solve these problems

I have more than enough knowledge about these problems to know where to start in solving them – because that’s all I need to start something. To make a success out of this, I’m also going to need many other things, and a lot of help from lots of different people. I’m not special, but I have the determination to make this work.

Finally, there will never be a better time than now. Perhaps I’m crazy for thinking I can do something so difficult, so un-desired, so new… but I know that people can be brought together to do the right thing when given the opportunity and the motivation to do so, and now’s the time to get these people to travel together.

Give this a try: write down one thing you’d love to do if you could not possibly fail. Then think what it would take to overcome the potential risks.


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