I can’t do it alone, so how will I get a team?

A business needs a team, and I obviously cannot hope to succeed with TraTo completely alone. This project is something unique and has incredible – risky – potential! It’s the kind of thing we daydream of but most people wouldn’t consider trying… but it should appeal to a few crazy people. I hope I’m able to form a team soon; a good team I can rely on, and who rely on me!

I do a course called Business Strategy, which every 4th year Business Science student at UCT takes. So I’m in a class of 400 of the brightest minds around. I’m going to present the idea to them on Monday before our final lecture, in the best possible way I can, and ask anyone who wants to do it with me to do so.

All I need to do is find people with similar passions. It’s probably more difficult than it would sounds, but it’s certainly more possible in that class than anywhere else. I have no issues with speaking to 400 people, but my class are not all ordinary people, and it’ll certainly be a bit more intimidating… there must be someone there whose ideals stretch beyond him/herself…

According to a great source of entrepreneurial inspiration, Inc.com, the best kind of person to hire has three things; fits into the organisation, is capable, and is passionate. I’m going to need to look for people with all three.

A friend told me there are more crazy people out there than we think… I’ve got to appeal to their sense of a desire for a good and rare opportunity. Besides, why wouldn’t anyone want to risk everything to work on a business that has nothing to prove that it might succeed beyond a great idea and a passionate founder?!


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