Where did the idea come from?

It started a long time ago, about a week before my first day of my first year of university (at the University of Cape Town).

I hadn’t begun thinking of starting something like this then, but it was during that Orientation Week that this story begins; Among the many stalls I visited was the Green Campus Initiative (GCI) stall, where I signed up to get involved in what they do. I got talking to the young guy who ran Ridelink at UCT; Kimon de Greef. Ridelink is a project that promotes and helps students share lifts to get to campus. It sounded like a fantastic idea, getting UCT students to carpool! So I began helping him with it; but that year I really didn’t help him much though!

That got me thinking about the ridiculousness of so many cars on the roads, and the massive opportunity for the savings people could get, by reducing the waste of so many unnecessary cars. I don’t remember when – probably later that year – I started to think I could and should start something like Ridelink, but outside of UCT, in Cape Town generally.

For the next 2 or 3 years, I wondered if it was possible. I even gave it a shot during a holiday that year; with my own little service called Lift Link, distributing fliers in my neighbourhood. It didn’t work; I only got 1 person to sign up – he was a gardener and didn’t own a car.

Then one day about a year ago, I figured that my big idea would work if I could get businesses to get their employees to join! Basically: aim straight for the big boys! My thinking was that people who drive in cars each day work in central places – simple. Since then, I’ve thought about it occasionally, and I’ve slowly become more convinced that it could be possible, but incredibly difficult to get right.

It turns out that there’s no better time to see if this is possible. As Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “faith is taking the first step, even when you can’t see the whole staircase.”

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